Lisa Chulich

Diana met Lisa and was immediately inspired by her beauty inside and out. She visited Portland to capture Lisa climbing but learned so much about her passion for food and we are incredibly impressed by her dedication to fitness and wellness. Just wait, she’ll have you eating strawberries for dessert instead of double-stuffed Oreos. 

What’s the story behind being a professional climber and model? How did it all start?

Raised a gymnast, I switched over to climbing and volleyball when I was 13 after our local gymnastics program closed in Olympia, WA. Since then, I pushed myself at both sports, gaining outdoor experience climbing and weightlifting training with volleyball. When I moved to Portland for school in 2010 I was determined more than ever to continue pushing my climbing; however, there is little money in the sport. I contacted Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited in hopes of working as a model to support myself through college while still having time to train. They signed me that day and have since connected me to clients around the world! 



How do you enjoy wine and food while also being healthy and fit?

I eat a lot. Meals as fresh as possible, and absolutely love it!

Years ago I switched to eating fresh, avoiding processed ingredients, and have no desire to go back. Without the exposure to fake sugars I began to taste the sweetness in natural foods, such as carrots, and felt lighter inside, too! It’s hard to describe, but once I eliminated non-food ingredients from my diet the desire for anything else disappeared, especially knowing how much more lethargic it would make me feel. 

Some tricks? If I want chocolate, I’ll have a small amount of pure, dark chocolate. If I want pizza, I’ll add pizza seasoning to a bowl of veggies.  

Does climbing professionally allow for a great work/play balance? How so?

Gratefully, yes. I support myself mainly via modeling bookings and income from climbing is an added benefit. So, I have been able to keep climbing as a passion, not relying on it for everything in life, which has allowed me to branch out and gain experiences off the rock as well. 

What are your daily beauty and/or fitness regimens?

Everyday: coconut oil as moisturizer, especially on face and back of hands

Training day: 20 morning power pilaties workout, bike to climbing gym, climb 2 hours, bike to sand courts, 3 hours of drilling/playing sand volleyball, back to climbing gym for 2 hours of campusing/finger strength/core, bike home

Rest day: 20 min stretching, prep meals for the next day, snacking the whole time, light run or walk around town, foam roll, stretch

What’s your idea of the perfect first date?

A spontaneous meeting in a place you love when you were least expecting it, no expectations just lost in the moment : )

Advice you’d give your younger self…

Good fats are clutch; eat them.

Five goals you want to fulfill this year…

Top 15 at a World Cup competition
Send v12
Find a good scar-minimizing cream
Study more French
Perfect a quinoa muffin recipe

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

Fresh ingredients! Try to avoid processed foods and added ingredients
Joy in the simple things

What’s your first food memory?

Drenched eating slices of watermelon with my brother in our backyard. 

Favorite midnight snack?

I’ll wait to eat a dessert at breakfast 



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